How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Off Road Camping

Before setting off into the Australian Outback, it is important to know what your vehicle is capable of doing first. One of the most interesting parts of off-roading in Australia is the different variety of terrains it has to offer. The Australian Outback needs a car that has full off-road capabilities. Some of the most crucial features to check include:

Four-wheel drive

A four-wheel drive vehicle is more capable of handling the rough off-road terrains. However, not all of them have the right capabilities to handle such terrains. An off-road 4wd should have more than just four wheels turning at the same speed. It needs to have the wheels turning at different speeds. This will help you navigate any terrain from swamps to the big red bit in the middle.

Some of the best 4wd vehicles fit for an outback adventure include:

• Land Rover Defenders,

• Toyota Land Cruisers,

• Jeeps with a trail-ready badge,

Toyota Hilux with aluminium canopy,

• Mercedes G-Wagon.

These four-wheel vehicles are capable of going anywhere off-road.

Tools and Features

It is important to check your vehicle’s box of tools before getting started on off-road travel. Ensure you are properly equipped to keep moving in the rough country. When you are traveling to an environment that is as tough as the Australian outback, the right spanners, screwdrivers, and wrenches for your vehicle are just not enough.

Ensure you carry extra tools along on your journey in case one breaks. Other tools you need to throw in your kit are a hacksaw, hammer, spare blades, gas torch, aluminum tape, a roll of fencing wire and some cable ties. Remember, you will be touring one of the most unforgiving environments ever. Hence, you need to prepare well in case of an emergency.

The Right Accessories

Here are some useful accessories you can add to your vehicle before off-roading:

• Bull bars

This is a must have for an outback travel. A bull bar provides your vehicle with more front ground clearance. Hence, you can travel over steep inclines and obstacles without much hustle.

• Ute canopies

This is an important feature to look out for when picking a four-wheel drive vehicle for an Australian Outback Adventure. Ute canopies offer you great adaptability regardless of where you are. They also offer extra space for storing your belongings, and a great area to pitch your tent.

• Winches

This is an important accessory especially if you are off-roading in a single car without a convoy of mates. They come in different forms. They work hand in hand with the bull bars. Winches are mounted to the front of the car, right behind the bull bar for protection. A winch provides your car with the ability to self-recover in the event of a breakdown. This is a great accessory to ensure you can get out of the outback safely.

Other than the usual car servicing, a vehicle that is bound to off-road travel should go under extra maintenance to ensure everyone comes back safely. Most four-wheel vehicles are built for the outback. Hence, ensure you equip your vehicle well in the event of an emergency.


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